Monday, June 12, 2006

A crap load of Kiss videos for your viewing pleasure... From Choppah.

1979 New York Groove ~Dynasty tour~
I love Ace's guitar in this video!

KISS jams live on "I" from Fridays in late 1981. One of Ace Frehley's last live TV appearances before he "quit" KISS in 1982.

..this is awesome!

KISS performs duece on a t.v show in 1975.

1980 lip-synched performance from German television of the single from the "Unmasked" album released that year. Note the presence of new drummer Eric Carr. (Original drummer Peter Criss is pictured on the cover of the album and Anton Fig plays on the studio track.)

A World Without Heroes

this was one of the rare shows where they do this song, notice Paul doing the solo?...great stuff....

Got to Choose

KISS Got to Choose live from winterland '75. great!!


Their first TV appearence!


live from the Midnight Special 1975


Chopper said...

I'll post Kiss video's every few days or so.. This shit is way too awesome.. I can't stand it.

JPX said...

Adn we appreciate it Chopper! There's nothin like getting to work, visiting the blog and watching these videos while sipping coffee. You need to post the Mego TV commercials!

JPX said...

That "I" video sports one of KISS' worst looks ever - whoever made the decision for everyone to cut their hair should've been castrated. For whatever reason Eric didn't go for this idea, which was a smart move on his part. Also, I could never look at Paul the same way again after he wore that purple bandana.

JohnnySweatpants said...

Wow, that was the first time I think I've ever heard "I" live! "I don't-uh need-uh no-uh money, I don't-uh need-uh no-uh freh, no!"