Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Without Ace Frehley = No Kiss

I still get fired up when I see this. ...Every time

Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, Scott Ian, Gilby Clarke, Slash, and Ace Frehley perform "God of Thunder" at the VH1 Rock Honors and blew the doors off Kiss. Gene Simmon's Kiss is a major disappointment these days. There is no need to go on without Peter Criss and Ace. Hang it up Gene. You're an embarrassment.

.....Paul Stanley is still cool though of course.
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"Talk To Me"

..Talk to mee heee ...Talk to Mee heeeee.

"2000 Man unplugged"

Houton '77 "Shock Me"


Chopper said...

By the way.. This "You Tube" site kicks ass. I've just been watching videos for the past hour.

JPX said...

You bring up a good point. When does a group cease to be that group? Is a “group” truly the sum of its parts? Axl Rose will be touring with GNR this summer even though he’s the only person left from the original lineup. Van Halen has gone through a number of lead singer changes. We won’t even discuss the Beach Boys. Paul has often hinted at the long-range plans for KISS including the idea that KISS will be able to “carry on” without its original members. Now we all know that at this point KISS is all about the almighty dollar and I imagine Paul and Gene have often discussed ways to keep the KISS juggernaught rolling forward for future profit. The best evidence to suggest that this plan has been executed is the recent addition of Tommy and Eric donning Ace and Peter’s “war paint”. Even if you’re able to move beyond the colossal slap in the face that this is to Ace and Peter and accept this imposter version of KISS, you begin to realize that KISS is now a corporate symbol. Will KISS ever put out new material? Of course not. My best guess would be a permanent spot in Vegas as a novelty act, without its original members. Sad.

JohnnySweatpants said...

Floyd carried on without Roger with respectable results. I agree though, the original lineup is all that really matters. That's a super supergroup though performing God of Thunder! And You Tube is great, can't wait to play around with it.

JPX said...

Yeah but Floyd didn't replace Waters, they just shouldered on without him and miraculosly, it worked.

Chopper said...

yeah.. and they didn't replace Waters with a guy that looked just like Waters.

The last time I saw Kiss play live at the Tweeter they were showing Ace and Peter on the jumbo tron while Eric and Tommy were on stage. THATS JUST FUCKED UP MAN.

JPX said...

By the way, Chopper, you're right, that picture of Ace is truly sweet! I wonder if that's available as a poster? I have that famous picture of KISS sitting on the top of that building in NYC framed in my bathroom.