Friday, July 28, 2006

"Live To Win" Track Listing

From Kissasylum, 'KISS frontman PAUL STANLEY has finalized the track listing for his first non-KISS release since his self-titled 1978 album (issued in tandem with solo projects from the other three original KISS members). The album, entitled "Live to Win", is scheduled for release in October via Universal Music. The CD features contributions from session drummer Victor Indrizzo, guitarist Corky James, former MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5, former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK (who plays bass on a few songs) and noted string arranger David Campbell.

"Live to Win" track listing:

01. Live To Win [3:10]
02. Wake Up Screaming [3:04]
03. Lift [4:03]
04. Every Time I See You Around [3:30]
05. Bulletproof [3:03]
06. All About You [3:18]
07. Second To None [3:39]
08. It's Not Me [3:22]
09. Loving You Without You [3:19]
10. Where Angels Dare [3:23]

In a February 2006 interview with ABC News, Stanley revealed that he is planning a tour to support the CD, and said he'll be bringing out a bigger band than he's used at past solo gigs, "because there's a lot more going on on this album." He estimated he'll have about six people in his band. As for the musicians he used during the recording of "Live to Win", Stanley said, "[It's] some friends of mine - it's not a 'who's who.' I didn't want to do one of those albums where you list people and it becomes some sort of a, trying to impress everybody with names. So it's a great album. Everybody loves it."'

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Paul Stanley's new solo album update

Further to our previous report that KISS frontman PAUL STANLEY's new solo album, Live To Win, will hit the streets on October 3rd (tentative), news has surfaced that the album will be officially released via the Hip-O/Universal label.

Track titles revealed that will feature on the album include: 'Where Angels Dare', 'Bulletproof', 'Second To None', 'Wake Up Screaming', 'Lovin' You Without You Now' and 'Live To Win'.

In related news, Island/Universal have set a tentative October 24th release date for a new KISS box set, which will include all three of the band's live albums, Alive! (1975), Alive II (1977) and Alive III (1993).

Monday, July 17, 2006

The boys clean house

Man, this movie was such a blown opportunity. As kids we dreamed about seeing KISS in a superhero movie, what we got instead was this campy offering.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fake Ace interviewed

JH: You do Ace better than Ace.

TT: Oh people have said that and I take that as a compliment, but we can’t forget that Ace is the one who created Ace in the first place.

JH: So do you have to work at it?

TT: Not really. The main thing is to play the music faithfully, but I'm careful not to try and mimic him too much onstage because then it comes off too much like a caricature. I try to blend the Spaceman with TOMMY THAYER onstage, it's cool.

JH: And you don’t have any pyrotechnics on your guitar or special effects like he did.

TT: We're looking at starting to add some of my own effects into the show, which is important.

JH: Your sound is pretty close to Ace’s. Did you keep his same setups and guitars?

TT: No, but I've used the same guitar/amp set-up for the last thirty years, probably almost as long as I've been playing guitar, and that could have been directly or indirectly influenced by Ace. It's basically a Les Paul with humbuckers into a 100 watt Marshall, no effects, no nothing. The only effect that I use was on "Christine Sixteen" where the guitar has an octave divider on it. For God’s sakes, growing up he was one of my favorite guitar players, so of course that’s the kind of sound and guitar player that I aspired to be. It’s really just an offshoot of the BECK-CLAPTON-PAGE blues-based English hard rock guitar style.

JH: What is the biggest misconception about KISS?

TT: I’m saying this purely from the perspective of a knowledgeable guy who has been around a long time and also been in the inner-workings of the band forever. In a few cases, there is a lack of open-mindedness about where KISS is going and accepting that the band is always evolving and reinventing itself and people shouldn’t fight that. There are reasons for that and sure if Gene and Paul had their way, they would play together with the original guys and do what they did in the heyday of the mid 70’s. I know I sound biased, but it's 2006 and as a fan of KISS, it's absolutely amazing that the band is still very, very strong.

JH: Gene and Paul think that, that they’d like the four originals?

TT: If you ask them, I think they would say in a perfect world, of course they would.

JH: Where do you see KISS going it the future?

KISS in makeup is a timeless thing. Kids are attracted to it today just as much as ever, and I know that for a fact, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes and seen how they react to it. There is a timeless appeal to it, almost like a comic character like Superman or something where you have these characters and somehow they have these crazy rock and roll costumes and boots and it still works. It works and it regenerates itself that way, it works because KISS is completely unique.

JH: Has the subject of a new studio record come up at all?

TT: Yeah, we get a lot of emails with people talking about that stuff and I'm sure when the time is right, there will be one. There was even a petition started recently that people want a new KISS record.

JH: What’s your favorite place to play?

TT: I’m not just saying this, but I really like going to Japan. It’s kind of something about everything there, the culture and the food, it’s just a great place to go to and travel to and experience and some of the most dedicated KISS fans ever are in Japan too. KISS and Japan have always had this kind of synonymous thing with kabuki-style makeup, the HOTTER THAN HELL album has a sort of Japanese look, just something about it where there’s always been this close-knit relationship with Japan.

JH: Paul’s high falsetto voice just floors me whenever I hear it. He’s some kind of performer.

TT: What people don’t understand about Paul is like he sings three-quarters of the set, but the thing that really makes it tough on him are all the raps. People don’t realize that he’s on the top of his voice on those raps and he doesn’t get a break even between the songs. I was talking to him on the last tour and his voice was getting real gravelly after one show and I said, man, you sing all those high songs, it must be really hard to do. He said, that’s not the hard part, the raps are the hard parts because that’s the point where you kind of want to take a break and get a drink of water but he’s always up there shouting like an evangelist or something. I never realized that until he brought it up and then it all made sense.

JH: Any message for the fans in Japan?

TT: Well this is so cliché, but I’m psyched that we’re coming back over this summer and I always look forward to touring in Japan almost more than anywhere and I can’t wait to see all the fantastic Japanese fans when we arrive!

JH: That’s it.

TT: Alright, right on, John!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

All Hells Breakin Loose Video

If only they still made music videos like this one. Great work all around. This video was actually choreographed by Norm Beauregard, who used to run the Cumberland Company. I took acting and stage combat classes there for a couple of glorious summers. So if you think about it, I'm kind of like an honorary KISS member. I believe he also directed Motley Crue's Too Young to Fall in Love, also totally kickass.
Kiss saves Santa
Ace Frehley's Speech

Fascinating. I've never heard Ace so angry before.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kiss Tomorrow show with Tom Snyder part 2

Here's part 2. Things to look out for: Ace's nazi salute, more awkwardness and discomfort for Gene, oh the whole thing is gold I tells you. GOLD!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy KISSdependence Day!

Kiss Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder part 1

It really doesn't get funnier than this! There are a million reasons to love this clip (Peter's poofy shoulder pads that he's wearing at the very beginning) but this legendary appearance is the only footage I've ever seen where Gene is not in control of the situation and he is absolutely furious. Ace is clearly whacked out of his gourd but Tom Snyder just loves him! YeeeeeHAAAAAAH!!!! Oh, and when Gene says "hi mom" he's secretly telling Ace to shut the hell up.