Friday, December 08, 2006

A Closer Look at the Star Child Part I

We all know that Gene Simmons' life is an open book and that money and sex are the driving forces behind all of his life's decisions. We are also regularly reminded of Peter & Ace's past struggles with sobriety.  But what of the Star Child?  Paul Stanley has always been extremely successful at keeping his private life separate from his superstardom which, while admirable, makes it difficult as a KISStorian to come to terms with.  Just who is this Star Child and where does he get off thinking he can sing lyrics like "You may not be the first, but to me you're always second to none"?   That is what we are going to begin to explore today.  Let us start with the basic facts, shall we?

1) Paul Stanley is lead singer and onstage KISS spokesman. KISS is the hottest band in the land and has been for quite some time now.

2) Paul was recently married and has two children.

3) Paul Stanley can shoot lazers out of his eyes

and then walk down the lazer

and most importantly, he can then shoot more lazers while still standing on the lazer he already shot.

4) Paul Stanley sometimes enjoys pretending that he's a fireman.

Now I know I've already covered a lot. So I'm going to stop here for now to give everyone a chance to absorb and reflect upon this information and we shall meet back shortly.