Friday, December 08, 2006

A Closer Look at the Star Child Part I

We all know that Gene Simmons' life is an open book and that money and sex are the driving forces behind all of his life's decisions. We are also regularly reminded of Peter & Ace's past struggles with sobriety.  But what of the Star Child?  Paul Stanley has always been extremely successful at keeping his private life separate from his superstardom which, while admirable, makes it difficult as a KISStorian to come to terms with.  Just who is this Star Child and where does he get off thinking he can sing lyrics like "You may not be the first, but to me you're always second to none"?   That is what we are going to begin to explore today.  Let us start with the basic facts, shall we?

1) Paul Stanley is lead singer and onstage KISS spokesman. KISS is the hottest band in the land and has been for quite some time now.

2) Paul was recently married and has two children.

3) Paul Stanley can shoot lazers out of his eyes

and then walk down the lazer

and most importantly, he can then shoot more lazers while still standing on the lazer he already shot.

4) Paul Stanley sometimes enjoys pretending that he's a fireman.

Now I know I've already covered a lot. So I'm going to stop here for now to give everyone a chance to absorb and reflect upon this information and we shall meet back shortly.

Friday, October 13, 2006

South Park (World of Warcraft Music Video) - Live to Win

The funny thing is that the song actually sounds like it was written by Matt & Trey!
Ask Paul Stanley

This is taken from an MTV 80's special promoting Animalize.

Friday, October 06, 2006

PAUL STANLEY's Live To Win On South Park

PAUL STANLEY's song, "LIVE TO WIN," was showcased tonight on the season premiere episode of South Park! The song was featured in a montage scene where the boys are "training" to defeat a ruthless opponent in an online video game.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

CONFIRMED: Johnny Sweatpants has Paul Stanley Tickets!!

That's right. I have an extra ticket for anyone on this blog who's willing to make the trek out here for this KISStorical show on Monday 11/13/06. A rare opportunity to see the Star Child in an intimate setting is truly something to consider. Bruce Kulick will be so close, you can spit on him.

The Fillmore is bar none, the coolest venue I've ever been to in my life.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

You Wanted the Worst!!!

For your listening displeasure, I took the liberty of creating a list consisting of the ten absolute worst KISS songs. Each of these songs is unbearably awful in its own way. Some people might ask me "now why on earth would you spend your time doing such a thing?" To those I'll say only this: you just don't get it, do you?

1) I'm Gonna Love You (Peter Criss)
2) When You Wish Upon A Star (Gene Simmons)
3) Secretly Cruel (Asylum)
4) Lonely is the Hunter (Animalize)
5) Tossin' and Turnin' (Peter Criss)
6) Easy as it Seems (Unmasked)
7) The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away (Hot in the Shade)
8) When Your Walls Come Down (Crazy Nights)
9) Burn Bitch Burn (Animalize)
10) What Makes the World Go Round (Unmasked)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Whooza Sad Kitty!!

Cheer up Catman. It can't rain all the time.

This is an old picture taken from the days when Paul still wore the Bandit makeup.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to being an esteemed KISStorian than rocking and rolling all night. The truth is, I spend most of the day’s hours poring over important KISS documents while listening to KISS. After crunching numbers in the middle of the night, I suddenly came upon an astonishing discovery that could very well save lives: Every Ace-sung KISS song is really great. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Shock Me (Love Gun ‘77)
Rocket Ride (Alive II ‘78)
2000 Man (Dynasty ‘79)
Hard Times (Dynasty ‘79)
Save Your Love (Dynasty ‘79)
Two Sides of the Coin (Unmasked ’80)
Torpedo Girl (Unmasked ’80)
Talk to Me (Unmasked ‘80)
Dark Light (Elder ’81)
Into the Void (Psycho Circus ’98)
In Your Face (B-side ’98)

You will notice that the Space Ace only sings 11 KISS songs aside from his ’78 solo album. But every goddamned one of them is a gem.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Nearly three decades after releasing his debut solo album, KISS singer/rhythm-guitarist PAUL STANLEY is set to deliver a follow-up, and will back the disc with a fall tour.

Stanley has lined up a three-and-a-half-week outing that launches Oct. 21 in Atlanta and is scheduled to make stops in more than a dozen cities by mid-November. Details are shown below.

Three days after kicking off his tour, Stanley will issue "Live to Win," his sophomore solo effort. The album's title track will be available exclusively via Apple's iTunes Music Store starting Sept. 26.

Stanley's first solo collection, which surfaced in 1979, is a self-titled set that he released in unison with solo albums from each of his KISS bandmates at the time: GENE SIMMONS, ACE FREHLEY and PETER CRISS. Each member appeared in full KISS makeup on his respective album cover, and all four albums bore the KISS logo.

During the years between solo discs, Stanley has remained plenty busy with KISS. The group, which shed its makeup in the early '80s after losing original guitarist Frehley and original drummer Criss, mounted a reunion tour in 1996 that featured Stanley, Simmons, Frehley and Criss in full makeup and costume. A new studio disc, titled "Psycho Circus," and supporting tour followed in '98.

In 2000, the quartet launched what it said at the time would be its farewell tour. Simmons and Stanley have since continued to tour, with drummer ERIC SINGER--who first joined the group during the band's non-make-up years--and guitarist TOMMY THAYER wearing the makeup and costumes originally made famous by Criss and Frehley, respectively.

Stanley's years of touring and jumping around on stage have apparently taken a toll on the musician; he underwent hip-replacement surgery in October of last year, and had to undergo a second hip-replacement a few months later due to complications with the first operation. That second surgery reportedly didn't solve the problem, and he is expected to undergo a third attempt at some point.

Aside from KISS, Stanley's work in recent years includes a 1999 run as the lead in a Toronto production of "Phantom of the Opera," and, more recently, his debut as a painter; he began exhibiting and selling original works of art last year.

Also last year, Stanley married his longtime girlfriend, Erin Sutton. Their first child, a boy, was born earlier this month.

New KISS Tour? Probably; Album? Unlikely

The KISS Army may be able to pack its gear for a tour in the near future, but not an album. The group's PAUL STANLEY, preparing for the Oct. 24 release of his solo album "Live To Win" and an attendant tour, tells he's "sure there will be a [Kiss] tour at some point."

He even confirms that one of the ideas being discussed is a traveling version of the orchestral shows KISS played in 2003 in Australia, which resulted in the "Kiss Symphony" CD and DVD releases.

"It's not out of the realm of possibility," says Stanley, who welcomed his second son, Colin, with wife Erin on Sept. 6. "Anything's possible, but we're far away from conforming or committing to something like that. I'll let you know when it's true."

New KISS music is another matter, however. Stanley says as far as he's concerned, trying to make a new album in the shadow of Kiss' classic repertoire is, at the very least, a challenge. "The fact is, [fans] may tolerate the new songs, but it's the old ones you want to hear," he notes. "I think Jimmy Page and Robert Plant found that out. The [Rolling] Stones certainly know it. The Who certainly know it. So unless you're willing to go into the studio accepting that how your album will be received will never match your expectations, I'm not sure it's worth the effort."

What would it take to change his mind? Control, Stanley says. "I would consider doing it if I could do it the way I wanted to do it," he explains. "If 'Live to Win' was good for anything, it was me confirming how I believe I'd like music to sound that I'm a part of. To do another KISS album, I would not be willing to compromise my point of view perhaps as much as I have in recent years."

But how would that go over with longtime KISS partner GENE SIMMONS? "Well, y'know, you'll have to see if we go into the studio," replies Stanley -- who says he's not yet watched an episode of Simmons' new A&E reality show, "GENE SIMMONS Family Jewels."

Stanley takes a break from diaper duty to begin a 15-date solo tour on Oct. 21 in Atlanta.

Lyrical Analysis: You Matter to Me by Peter Criss

"I ain't no good at talking,
So girl I'll tell it to you straight.
My heart is just like an oven.
I hope I'm not too late!

Because you matter to me and that's why (and that's why)
You still matter to me
And that's the only reason I need to get by (to get by).
You still matter to me."

Ok, the more I stare at the words that comprise this catchy little ditty, the more I become hopelessly confused. The fact that she matters to Peter is the only reason he needs to get by. ...huh? Wha-wassat? Let's try this again. You matter to me and that's why you matter to me? It just doesn't make sense any way you slice it. The Catman is just singing away, without a care in the world about the words that come out of his mouth. And what's the deal with that oven reference? I think the real key to understanding lies in that very first line.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

This KISSOLOGY set sounds like a must-have!

For the KISS Army, the release this Halloween of "KISSology: Volume One 1974-1977" marks the arrival of nothing less than a Holy Grail: 6 solid hours of vintage KISS going all the way back to the deep early roots of the band's classic line-up -- GENE SIMMONS, PAUL STANLEY, ACE FREHLEY and PETER CRISS -- captured and re-mastered on 2 state-of-the-art DVDs featuring more than 70 live performances and four full concerts bundled along with unreleased tracks and never-before-seen footage.

"KISSology: Volume One 1974-1977" goes all the way back one of the band's earliest live performances in the New York pre-punk glam rock bar scene of the early 1970s before tracing the rocket-paced transformation of KISS into international rock gods who filled the world's largest arenas as the undisputed hottest band in the land by 1977.

Disc One of "KISSology: Volume One 1974-1976" takes a look back at an early bar-band KISS (freshly risen from the shards of Wicked Lester) already thinking much bigger than any of their contemporaries. 1974 is covered with a live concert in Long Beach as well as KISS's televised appearances on ABC's "In Concert" and an interview/performance on "The Mike Douglas Show." By 1975, KISS was playing San Francisco's fabled Winterland, headlining NBC's "Midnight Special" and making videos for "C'mon & Love Me" and their signature "Rock and Roll All Night," all included on "KISSology." In 1976, KISS came to Detroit for an incendiary concert at the Motor City's Cobo Hall, captured on Disc One of "KISSology."

Disc Two of "KISSology" picks up the threads of 1976 with the band's interview and performance of "Black Diamond" on "So It Goes," a must-see and much-discussed interview and performance of "King of the Nighttime World" on "The Paul Lynde Halloween Special," and personal band footage from May 1976. The 1977 material on Disc Two captures the band at the pinnacle of its international fame, performing to tens of thousands of fans at the legendary Budokan Hall in Tokyo in April '77 and, a little more than a month later, headlining "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert." Disc Two closes with scorching concert footage from The Summit in Houston, Texas on September 2, 1977, showing KISS laying down the creed that still beats at the heart of the band: Rock & Roll All Night and Party Every Day!!!

"KISSology Volume One 1974-1977" provides ample evidence of why KISS has lasted so long and continues to mean so much to so many millions of people. KISS is 100% dedicated to the heart and soul and power of ROCK and when the house lights go down, KISS is still the hottest band in any land.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


All right fellow KISS fantatic(s), today we'll be concentrating on Gene Simmons' 1978 solo album known as KISS: Gene Simmons. As you are all well aware, the four members of KISS released solo albums simultaneously. They all went platinum. Ace's was awesome. But when discussing the '78 solo albums, it's easy to spend your time focusing on the baffling Peter Criss release.   Today we'll give the Catman a break and have a closer look at Gene's overblown pile of suck. 

In 1978, Ace was peaking musically while losing his Spaceman head in the clouds.   To keep Ace in the band but still maintain control, Gene and Paul quoth "Fine, do a solo album.  We'll all do solo albums. We'll put KISS in the corner to unite them." (Stanley 22:14) The game was on. 

Gene called in every favor available and hoped guest stars including Cher and the guy from Cheap Trick with the double guitar would be enough.  This approach failed miserably and Gene's '78 solo album forever rests in the "great album cover, shit album" category.  

A quick track by track breakdown: 

Radioactive: A barely acceptable head-bopping rocker to open the album. 

Burning Up With Fever: Straight up atrocious. Not so good on the ears.

See You Tonite: Ok, I love this song.  While miles away from the standard KISS tune, it shows that Gene was more than capable of writing a catchy, Beatlesy ditty when he wanted to.  

Tunnel of Love: By listening to this song you'll earn 3:52 of awful, made painfully worse by gospel singers.  

True Confessions:  Dreadful.  More gospel singers vomit on another forgettable track. 

Always Near You/Nowhere to Run:   I'm embarrassed that I just typed the title.

Man of 1000 Faces: Almost a guilty pleasure, but not quite... because it sucks. 

Mr. Make Believe: At this point in the album it's quite obvious that Gene has no intention whatsoever of rocking out.   Combine terrible with lame and sprinkle in a little more terrible = this horrendous song. 

See You in Your Dreams:  Here you'll find a mediocre song that was already released (Rock and Roll Over, '77) made much, much worse. 

When You Wish Upon a Star:  The Demon does Disney. Seriously. This song should be used for punishment purposes only.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Paul Stanley live New Haven 12.03.89

Paul's solo tour in 1989. Starts off in the middle of Love Gun, then tears into Goodbye from his '78 solo album. KISStorically pretty important. It ends with a Led Zeppelin cover of Communication Breakdown.

20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection, Volume 3

KISS' "20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection, Volume 3" CD will be released by Universal Music on October 10th. "Volume 3" is the companion piece to The Best of KISS, The Millennium Collections Volumes 1 & 2 and the first ever KISS collection to focus on the Band's 90's recordings!


God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II
Domino - Live
Childhood's End
I Will Be There
Comin' Home - Live Unplugged
Got To Chose - Live Unplugged
Psycho Circus
Into The Void
I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock And Roll
Nothing Can Keep Me From You

Monday, September 11, 2006

Paul Stanley Fantasy Camp

The 2007 Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp has been announced and will run from February 15-19 in Hollywood, CA and will feature PAUL STANLEY (KISS), Bret Michaels (POISON), Steve Vai, Scott Ian (ANTHRAX) and many more. According to their website, "camp starts at Thursday, February 15th with no night off throughout the camp. Just send in a $2500 deposit to secure your spot at the camp! Also, save $500 if you register before October 31st!

There are three ways you can sign up:
1) By Phone: Call us at 1.888.ROC.BAND (888.762.2263)
2) By Fax: Fax your registration form with credit card information to 917.591.9470
3) By Mail: Fill out the registration form and send it in with your check or credit card info to:

Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp
252 W. 71st Street
New York, NY 10023

Tickets are available online at, by calling the home office at 1.888.ROC.BAND, at the venue box office. Tickets are also on location and through Ticketmaster."

Saturday, September 09, 2006


KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE 1974-1977" first installment on DVD in stores October 31, 2006.

Monumental 6 Hour 2-DVD Box Set Chronicals ascendary of KISS from New York glam rockers to Hottest Band In The Land.

NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE of the band's rise to music stardom with more than 70 live performances and FOUR full concerts.

Signal the troops for an enormous KISS Army alert! KISS will be the subject of a three-volume DVD project (volumes 2 & 3 are being prepared for release in 2007) chonicling the career of the hottest band in rock & roll history. The rock 'n roll journey begins with "KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE 1974-1977" which will be released on Halloween, Tuesday, October 31, 2006 for SRP $29.99.

Disc One of "KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE 1974-1977" takes a look at early bar-band KISS quickly on the rise. 1974 is covered with a live concert in Long Beach as well as KISS' televised appearances on ABC's "In Concert" and an interview/performance on "The Mike Douglas Show." By 1975, KISS was playing San Francisco's fabled Winterland, headlining NBC's "Midnight Special" and making videos for "C'mon & Love Me" and "Rock And Roll All Night," all of wich is included on "KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE 1974-1977". In 1976, KISS came to Detroit for an incendiary concert at the Motor City's Cobo Hall, also captured on Disc One.

Disc Two of "KISSOLOGY VOLUME ONE 1974-1977" picks up the threads of 1976 with the bands interview and perf,ormance of "Black Diamond" on "So It Goes" a must-see and much-discussed interview and performance of "King Of The Nighttime World" on "The Paul Lynde Halloween Special," and PERSONAL BAND FOOTAGE from May 1976. The 1977 material on Disc Two captures the band at the pinnacle of its international fame, performing to tens of thousands of fands at the legendary Budokan Hall in Tokyo in April '77 and, a little more than a month later, headlining "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert." Disc Two coles with scorching concert footage from The Summit in Houston, TX on September 2, 1977, showing KISS doing, quite simply, what the band still does better than anybody else: Rock & Roll All Night And Party Every Day!!!

View a trailer, and more information (including the FULL track listing) at

Paul will see you soon

PAUL STANLEY's LIVE TO WIN Tour kicks off October 21st in Atlanta. The current tour dates are listed below. Additional shows may be added.

10/21 Atlanta, GA - TABERNACLE
10/23 Ft. Lauderdale, FL - REVOLUTION
10/24 Orlando, FL - HARD ROCK LIVE
10/26 Baltimore, MD - RAMS HEAD
10/27 Atlantic City, NJ - HOUSEOF BLUES
10/28 New York, NY - IRVING PLAZA
11/1 Pittsburgh, PA - PALACE THEATRE
11/3 Milwaukee, WI - RAVE
11/5 Detroit, MI - EMERALD THEATRE
11/6 Chicago, IL - HOUSE OF BLUES
11/7 Minneapolis, MN - QWEST
11/10 Seattle, WA - SHOWBOX
11/11 Portland, OR - ALADDIN
11/13 San Francisco, CA - FILMORE
11/14 Los Angeles, CA - HOUSE OF BLUES

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lunch time!

Check out this sweet 1978 KISS lunch box! I wish I had this baby back in the day. Perhaps if I did I wouldn't have been beaten up by Jimmy Johannis every other day. Instead I had these lunch boxes.

Granted the gentle comedy stylings of a Mr. Gabe Kaplan made for some light laughs, but it did not make for a "cool" lunch box. God, what the hell was I thinking?

Okay, this Planet of the Apes lunch box isn't as offensive, although the artwork sucked. The back is a little better.

Okay, here's the worst lunch box ever - no, I didn't have this one, jerks.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Don't Let it Get You Down Catman!

Tomorrow's gonna be another day. What is it about Peter looking sad that makes me laugh so damn hard?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

On this day in KISStory...

Paul: How 'bout you put your hand in front of my face and I'll put my hand in front of yours? That'll be a great shot!

Gene: No way, I'm not gonna do it.

Paul: Gene, we're out there trying to compete with Bon Jovi. And in order to do so, we need to show off our fun-loving side.

Gene: Forget it Paul, there's no way in hell.

Paul: I'll give you ten bucks.

Gene: Sold, let's do it.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reason to Live

Great video. We see Gene here at his most awkward. He's trying not to depend on his former Bat Lizard persona, but he's just not sure what to do with himself. So he settles on molesting his bass. And something about Bruce Kulick always makes me laugh. Don't get me wrong, love the guy, it's just that he's the penulitimate hired gun. In this video, he looks so humiliated having to play the keyboards. Can't say I blame him. But then he's really "feeling it!!!" when he plays the solo.

When I'm singing this song and no one's around, I'll admit that I use my patented fat gospel voice. The words come out something like this:

"Evvybody gotta reasin to leeh, BAY-BAY!
Evvybody gotta dreen, anna hungo in-sye-eye!
Evvybody gotta reasin to leeh -

Which begs the question: Why Paul? Why can't love be your reason to live? This very question has kept me up in the wee hours of the morn...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Paul Stanley - Live To Win

No visuals, but here it is! The long anticipated debut single. Upon first listen, all I can say is that it's much better than Gene's solo effort...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Paul talks about his favorite thing, Paul

The Beatles had Paul McCartney. Led Zeppelin had Robert Plant. KISS have PAUL STANLEY.

"I wanted the freedom to explore my own abilities and disregard any self set boundaries. The only limitations we have are the ones we choose to accept and this album was about ignoring anyone else’s ideas of what I would, could or shouldn’t do," Stanley says to summarize Live to Win. "This isn’t about forcing KISS fans someplace that they haven’t been, though everyone’s invited to come along. This is really about me doing an album for me, and first and foremost I had to please myself. I’d like to think that if I can please myself, I’m going to please some other people, but this is a personal work – If I had ever knuckled under to people telling me what was impossible and what I was capable of and incapable of, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, there wouldn’t be a KISS, and there wouldn’t be a ‘Live to Win.’ To that end, by recording this album, I’ve already succeeded…

"The album is called Live to Win, and I’ve already won."

Friday, August 25, 2006

Runaway Trailer

This trailer pretty much gives away the whole movie. My dream in life is to own one of those robot spiders.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Domino Video

My favorite part of this video is how Gene casually sips his soda.

Revenge ***

Join us now in 1992. There was a scary and uncertain future for KISS after a string of shall we say, patchy 80's albums (Animalize, Asylum, Crazy Nights, Hot in the Shade). How was KISS to remain relevant and not look foolish in the same plain as Nine Inch Nails and Nirvana? A surprise hit like Forever wasn't in the cards, as power ballads were officially "out". So the boys had to look tough. Everyone saw the writing on the wall: the pink tassles, tight pink trousers, lipstick and eyeshadow had to go. Even more important was the music. No more half-assed, mid tempo throwaway songs allowed. No more "Bang Bang You". (God, I hate that stupid song.)

With the help of Vinnie Vincent's songwriting and new veteran (but blonde) drummer Eric Singer, KISS crafted what many would agree is their last great album. The most notable change when comparing Revenge to it's predecessors is the fact that Gene Simmons had his head back in the game. For the first time in many years, the Gene songs bested the Paul ones. Unholy, Spit, and Domino are easily Gene's best work since Creatures of the Night. Paul also has some gems here - Take it Off and Tough Love stand tall. And the token ballad "Every Time I Look at You" may not have been heard by many ears but... if you're into those ballads... it's pretty solid. Revenge isn't all sweet, the latter half runs out of steam with the bland Heart of Chrome and Thou Shalt Not (which shalt not have been included). But overall, it's an album worth revisiting from time to time. Now seems to be a good time to me.

These pictures really set the mood. Eric is saying "Yeah that's right, a blonde guy in KISS. What are YOU gonna do about it?" Gene looks nothing short of a super villain. He probably was.Bruce appears both sad and angry. He probably was. Paul's a badass but still knows something you don't. And the flowers stay dammit.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lyrical Analysis: Getaway

"I know I have to go,
Got no dough,
Should I stay or should I go?"

OK, doesn't the first line answer the question posed in the third line? Great tune though...

So there I was, minding my own business... Niagara Falls, when wouldn't you know it, Chopper came at me and dangled my legs over the edge. I told him there was no smoking and he replied "I'll smoke you!" Damn hooligan.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

More information than you would ever want about Paul's new album

PAUL STANLEY Live To Win Album Details
From: KISSOnline

1. LIVE TO WIN 3:07
2. LIFT 4:01
8. IT’S NOT ME 3:19

Produced by PAUL STANLEY
Engineered and recorded by Alex Gibson
Assisted by Tom Syrowski, Matt Serrecchio, Glenn Pittman, Jon Berkowitz and Kevin Mills
Additional Engineers – Mark Valentine, assisted by Keith Gretlein. Kevin Mills, assisted by Phil Martin
Additional Recording – Greg Collins
Mixed by Greg Collins
Recorded and mixed at Hensen Recording Studios
Mastered by Steve Marcussen/Marcussen Mastering

PAUL STANLEY- Lead vocals, background vocals, guitar, percussion
The Team:
Guitars – Corky James, Brad Fernquist, John 5, Tommy Denander, Andreas Carlsson
Bass – Corky James, Sean Hurley, BRUCE KULICK
Drums – Victor Indrizzo
Piano – Greg Kurstin, Zac Rae
Keyboards and programming – Harry Somerdahl
Additional keyboards and programming – Russ Irwin

Background Vocals – Andreas Carlsson, CC White…and a little John Shanks!

Strings on "Every Time I See You Around," "Second To None" and "Loving You Without You Now" – Arranged by PAUL STANLEY and David Campbell.
Orchestrated and conducted by David Campbell.

Art Direction & Design: Tom Jermann/t42design
Photography: Neil Zlozower

1. LIVE TO WIN 3:07
PAUL STANLEY/Desmond Child/Andreas Carlsson

Corky James – Guitars, Bass
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

2. LIFT 4:01
PAUL STANLEY/Desmond Child/Marti Frederiksen

Corky James – Guitars
Sean Hurley – Bass
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

PAUL STANLEY/Desmond Child/Andreas Carlsson

Corky James – Guitars, Bass
Tommy Denander – Guitars
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

PAUL STANLEY / Pete Masitti

Corky James – Guitars
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Russ Irwin – Piano, Keyboards
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

PAUL STANLEY/Andreas Carlsson

Corky James – Guitars
Andrea Carlsson – Guitars
John 5 – Solo
Sean Hurley – Bass
Zac Rae – Piano
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums
C.C. White and Andreas Carlsson – Additional Background Vocals

PAUL STANLEY/Andreas Carlsson/Desmond Child

Corky James – Guitars, Bass
Brad Fernquist – Guitars, Solo
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

PAUL STANLEY/Andreas Carlsson

Corky James – Guitars
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
Greg Kurstin – Piano
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

8. IT’S NOT ME 3:19
PAUL STANLEY/Holly Knight/Charlie Midnight

Corky James – Guitars, Bass
Brad Fernquist – Guitars, Solo
Russ Irwin – Keyboards
Victor Indrizzo – Drums


Corky James – Guitars
Brad Fernquist – Solo
Greg Kurstin – Piano
Brian Steckler – Keyboards
Victor Indrizzo – Drums

PAUL STANLEY/Desmond Child/John 5

Corky James – Guitars, Bass
John 5 – Guitars, Solo
Sean Hurley – Bass
Harry Sommerdahl – Keyboards, Programming
C.C. White and John Shanks – Additional Background Vocals

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Enough talk, let's hear the damn thing already

New Door Records/Universal Musical Enterprises are proud to announce the October 24, 2006 release of Live to Win, the solo release from iconic KISS frontman PAUL STANLEY. The voice and songwriting force behind such KISS classics as "Detroit Rock City," "Black Diamond," Hard Luck Woman" and "Tears Are Fallin'," Stanley's career with KISS spans more than three decades and in excess of 100 million records sold worldwide.

Stripping all the legendary bombast away, what becomes starkly clear is that besides rocking relentlessly, the power of human emotion and conviction on Live to Win can rattle not only the walls, but also touch the heart and soul of the listener. "What I wanted to do on this album was sing about my life because my life is not that different than anybody else's," he continues. "The truth is, what we all deal with in life is pretty similar. You change the names and the story's the same."

"This album is purely a labor of love," says Stanley. "It is a labor of passion, and something where I was concerned with turning out the album I heard in my head, without regard for having glitz and star power from other sources. It was purely about making the album I wanted to make." While the heartfelt "Loving You Without You Now" was written without any outside collaboration, the remainder of the album reunites him with former KISS songwriting partners Desmond Child [Aerosmith, LeeAnn Rimes] and Holly Knight [Tina Turner, Pat Benatar], and introduces new collaborators including Andreas Carlsson [Bon Jovi, Britney Spears], John 5 [Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson] and Marti Frederiksen [Aerosmith, Faith Hill]. Seven of the ten tracks were co-written with Child and/or Carlsson, with Stanley and Child joined by John 5 on "Where Angels Dare" and Frederiksen on "Lift," and Knight teaming with the frontman on "It's Not Me."

Live to Win is self-produced by Stanley, who provides lead vocals, guitar and percussion alongside a studio core of guitarist Corky James [Avril Lavigne, The Matrix], drummer Victor Indrizzo [Beck, Macy Gray] and keyboardist Harry Sommerdahl [Carrie Underwood, Lindsay Lohan]. Also performing on the album are former KISS bandmate BRUCE KULICK and guitarist John 5.

"I've always believed that when you give somebody an album, it should be like a fresh newspaper, where you get ink on your fingers and it's today's news," says Stanley, who wrote and co-wrote the ten tracks on Live to Win specifically for the new release. "For me, this album is where I'm at now — This is where things are in my life, and my perspective on my music.

Stanley is planning a North American club tour to coincide with the release of the album.

Monday, August 07, 2006

KISS fans protest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

CLEVELAND (AP) — About 200 Kiss fans protested Saturday in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum to demand that the band be inducted into the hall.
Fans, some from as far away as California, carried signs and had painted their faces in black-and-white to resemble Kiss band members.

Those participating in the half-hour demonstration were upset that the band, formed more than 30 years ago, has not been admitted, even though it has been eligible since the late 1990s.

Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record, according to the museum's website.

"Criteria include the influence and significance of the artist's contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll," the site says.

A museum spokesman said it was the first demonstration by fans seeking to have a group inducted.

The foundation that selects inductees is based in New York City, not at the museum.

Friday, July 28, 2006

"Live To Win" Track Listing

From Kissasylum, 'KISS frontman PAUL STANLEY has finalized the track listing for his first non-KISS release since his self-titled 1978 album (issued in tandem with solo projects from the other three original KISS members). The album, entitled "Live to Win", is scheduled for release in October via Universal Music. The CD features contributions from session drummer Victor Indrizzo, guitarist Corky James, former MARILYN MANSON and current ROB ZOMBIE guitarist John 5, former KISS guitarist BRUCE KULICK (who plays bass on a few songs) and noted string arranger David Campbell.

"Live to Win" track listing:

01. Live To Win [3:10]
02. Wake Up Screaming [3:04]
03. Lift [4:03]
04. Every Time I See You Around [3:30]
05. Bulletproof [3:03]
06. All About You [3:18]
07. Second To None [3:39]
08. It's Not Me [3:22]
09. Loving You Without You [3:19]
10. Where Angels Dare [3:23]

In a February 2006 interview with ABC News, Stanley revealed that he is planning a tour to support the CD, and said he'll be bringing out a bigger band than he's used at past solo gigs, "because there's a lot more going on on this album." He estimated he'll have about six people in his band. As for the musicians he used during the recording of "Live to Win", Stanley said, "[It's] some friends of mine - it's not a 'who's who.' I didn't want to do one of those albums where you list people and it becomes some sort of a, trying to impress everybody with names. So it's a great album. Everybody loves it."'

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Paul Stanley's new solo album update

Further to our previous report that KISS frontman PAUL STANLEY's new solo album, Live To Win, will hit the streets on October 3rd (tentative), news has surfaced that the album will be officially released via the Hip-O/Universal label.

Track titles revealed that will feature on the album include: 'Where Angels Dare', 'Bulletproof', 'Second To None', 'Wake Up Screaming', 'Lovin' You Without You Now' and 'Live To Win'.

In related news, Island/Universal have set a tentative October 24th release date for a new KISS box set, which will include all three of the band's live albums, Alive! (1975), Alive II (1977) and Alive III (1993).

Monday, July 17, 2006

The boys clean house

Man, this movie was such a blown opportunity. As kids we dreamed about seeing KISS in a superhero movie, what we got instead was this campy offering.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fake Ace interviewed

JH: You do Ace better than Ace.

TT: Oh people have said that and I take that as a compliment, but we can’t forget that Ace is the one who created Ace in the first place.

JH: So do you have to work at it?

TT: Not really. The main thing is to play the music faithfully, but I'm careful not to try and mimic him too much onstage because then it comes off too much like a caricature. I try to blend the Spaceman with TOMMY THAYER onstage, it's cool.

JH: And you don’t have any pyrotechnics on your guitar or special effects like he did.

TT: We're looking at starting to add some of my own effects into the show, which is important.

JH: Your sound is pretty close to Ace’s. Did you keep his same setups and guitars?

TT: No, but I've used the same guitar/amp set-up for the last thirty years, probably almost as long as I've been playing guitar, and that could have been directly or indirectly influenced by Ace. It's basically a Les Paul with humbuckers into a 100 watt Marshall, no effects, no nothing. The only effect that I use was on "Christine Sixteen" where the guitar has an octave divider on it. For God’s sakes, growing up he was one of my favorite guitar players, so of course that’s the kind of sound and guitar player that I aspired to be. It’s really just an offshoot of the BECK-CLAPTON-PAGE blues-based English hard rock guitar style.

JH: What is the biggest misconception about KISS?

TT: I’m saying this purely from the perspective of a knowledgeable guy who has been around a long time and also been in the inner-workings of the band forever. In a few cases, there is a lack of open-mindedness about where KISS is going and accepting that the band is always evolving and reinventing itself and people shouldn’t fight that. There are reasons for that and sure if Gene and Paul had their way, they would play together with the original guys and do what they did in the heyday of the mid 70’s. I know I sound biased, but it's 2006 and as a fan of KISS, it's absolutely amazing that the band is still very, very strong.

JH: Gene and Paul think that, that they’d like the four originals?

TT: If you ask them, I think they would say in a perfect world, of course they would.

JH: Where do you see KISS going it the future?

KISS in makeup is a timeless thing. Kids are attracted to it today just as much as ever, and I know that for a fact, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes and seen how they react to it. There is a timeless appeal to it, almost like a comic character like Superman or something where you have these characters and somehow they have these crazy rock and roll costumes and boots and it still works. It works and it regenerates itself that way, it works because KISS is completely unique.

JH: Has the subject of a new studio record come up at all?

TT: Yeah, we get a lot of emails with people talking about that stuff and I'm sure when the time is right, there will be one. There was even a petition started recently that people want a new KISS record.

JH: What’s your favorite place to play?

TT: I’m not just saying this, but I really like going to Japan. It’s kind of something about everything there, the culture and the food, it’s just a great place to go to and travel to and experience and some of the most dedicated KISS fans ever are in Japan too. KISS and Japan have always had this kind of synonymous thing with kabuki-style makeup, the HOTTER THAN HELL album has a sort of Japanese look, just something about it where there’s always been this close-knit relationship with Japan.

JH: Paul’s high falsetto voice just floors me whenever I hear it. He’s some kind of performer.

TT: What people don’t understand about Paul is like he sings three-quarters of the set, but the thing that really makes it tough on him are all the raps. People don’t realize that he’s on the top of his voice on those raps and he doesn’t get a break even between the songs. I was talking to him on the last tour and his voice was getting real gravelly after one show and I said, man, you sing all those high songs, it must be really hard to do. He said, that’s not the hard part, the raps are the hard parts because that’s the point where you kind of want to take a break and get a drink of water but he’s always up there shouting like an evangelist or something. I never realized that until he brought it up and then it all made sense.

JH: Any message for the fans in Japan?

TT: Well this is so cliché, but I’m psyched that we’re coming back over this summer and I always look forward to touring in Japan almost more than anywhere and I can’t wait to see all the fantastic Japanese fans when we arrive!

JH: That’s it.

TT: Alright, right on, John!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

All Hells Breakin Loose Video

If only they still made music videos like this one. Great work all around. This video was actually choreographed by Norm Beauregard, who used to run the Cumberland Company. I took acting and stage combat classes there for a couple of glorious summers. So if you think about it, I'm kind of like an honorary KISS member. I believe he also directed Motley Crue's Too Young to Fall in Love, also totally kickass.
Kiss saves Santa
Ace Frehley's Speech

Fascinating. I've never heard Ace so angry before.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kiss Tomorrow show with Tom Snyder part 2

Here's part 2. Things to look out for: Ace's nazi salute, more awkwardness and discomfort for Gene, oh the whole thing is gold I tells you. GOLD!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy KISSdependence Day!

Kiss Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder part 1

It really doesn't get funnier than this! There are a million reasons to love this clip (Peter's poofy shoulder pads that he's wearing at the very beginning) but this legendary appearance is the only footage I've ever seen where Gene is not in control of the situation and he is absolutely furious. Ace is clearly whacked out of his gourd but Tom Snyder just loves him! YeeeeeHAAAAAAH!!!! Oh, and when Gene says "hi mom" he's secretly telling Ace to shut the hell up.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gene Simmons and Miami Vice

Two of my favorite things in one place! This is one of the reasons why Animalize and Asylum stunk. Gene went all "Hollywood" on us and here's the proof.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What the hell?

Wow, we all have looks that we later regret. I bet Paul thought he was so cool in this top hat.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mini Kiss on Kimmel

I really can't stand Rock & Roll All Night in any form but it's great to see in the interview portion that Mini Kiss are true believers.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Killers **1/2

As an esteemed Kisstorian, people stop me on the street constantly and ask me questions about KISS lore. Why just yesterday, a guy came up to me in the supermarket and said "Hey Sweatpants, what's the deal with that Killers album? It seems pretty hard to find on both vinyl and cd and it's not available on ITunes. Are those 4 new songs really worth seeking out?" I thought that was a great question so I'd like to answer it once and for all.

The year was 1982. KISS was at a crossroads. After the colossal, career threatening failure of the concept album known as Music From "The Elder", the Killers album was whipped out as a way of apologizing to the many bewildered KISS fans as if to say "don't worry, the Elder was merely a quick detour. We're still the same crazy rockers that we used to be." It bought them some much needed time to plan their next move (the fantastic yet underappreciated Creatures of the Night.) Killers is basically a German import greatest hits collection that contains 4 exclusive tracks, all with Paul on vocals. You'll notice that the S's on the album cover differ from their normal logo. This is because the similarities between the "S" and the swastika were deemed offensive in Germany. Personally I don't see it. But let's break down the 4 songs, shall we?

1) I'M A LEGEND TONIGHT - Sounds like training montage music for a Rocky movie with Paul singing about how great he is. It's not bad.

2) DOWN ON YOUR KNEES - One of Paul's most vulgar songs as the title implies. The chorus sounds kind of like the Saved by the Bell theme song. Also not bad.

3) NOWHERE TO RUN - This song is the template for all of the half-assed garbage that KISS threw at us in the 80's.

4) PARTNERS IN CRIME - Interesting because it couldn't fit on any KISS album and yet it's unquestionably KISS. Really makes you think.. about KISS.

So to summarize - Q: Is Killers worth the effort and money to try and find a copy? A: Barely.

I should add that the "hits" that were chosen for this compilation are superb. But the "look" from this era was very awkward. Gene's short hair is questionable at best and Paul's bandana is... unnerving.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

KISS - First unmasked interview ever 1983

This is so damned Kisstorical, I don't even know where to begin...

I despised this song when I first heard it. Then I liked it as a joke. Now I think I actually like it...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kiss Videos!!

The Paul Stanley Workout

Kiss Pepsi Comercial

A World Without Heros

God Gave Rock N Roll To you

..I love this song. The audio is a little off though.. sorry.

"I know life sometimes can get tough! And I know life sometimes can be a drag! But people, we have been given a gift, we have been given a road And that road's name is... Rock and Roll!"

Paul Stanley guitar solo (Animalize tour 1985) JPX in the auidence?

This is AMAZING!! Watch this.. People in the auidence demand the Elder! ..Gene and Paul don't remember the songs.. HAHAhaha..

Yep, that's right, I saw the Asylum tour

Picture it, the year was 1985. A certain Mr. Stallone had not one, but 2 huge films burning up the local cinema (Rambo II and Rocky IV), Frankie Goes to Hollywood was telling everyone to "Relax" and Michael Jackson penned the infectious "We are the World". The Golden Girls premiered and I've been laughing ever since. That's right, damnit, one disgusted eye-raising from Bea Arthur is funnier than anything on television today. The year would also see KISS in full-blown money-making mode. With the success of Animalize, Paul and co. realized, "Heck, we don't really need to try all the hard with the music, the kids will come to our shows no matter what we put out." My friends and I couldn't be more excited. Still reeling from the Animalize tour one year earlier, we eagerly snapped up tickets for the Providence Civic Center (none of this Dunkin' Donuts Center crap). I owned the world's cheapest camera, which I manage to smuggle into the show. I have a series of pictures that all look pretty much like this one. If you squint, you can just make out the rock soldiers.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Unholy Sign

Pictured here is the "Unholy" sign that I always found hilarious. In the Unholy video, you can see Paul bust this move out at least a couple of times. Arms positioned in a cross formation with the upper hand giving an "a-OK", which I suppose makes him very unholy. Why? What's the significance? I DON'T KNOW!