Tuesday, August 14, 2007

KISSOLOGY 2 and those bonus disks

Here is the final info on KISSOLOGY 2's Bonus Discs. The bonus discs were manufactured for initial shipments only - so get them while you can! ALL 3 discs will be in the market place by the 8/14 street date:

The Ritz-NYC 1988 - @ Best Buy only

Largo, MD 1979 - @ Wal Mart & Sam's Club

Budokan/Tokyo Japan 1988 @ AAFES, Amazon, Amoeba, Borders, Bull Moose, Cat's, Circuit City, Criminal, Cutlers, Dimple, Down In The Valley, Electric Fetus, Grimey's, Forever Young, FYE, Gallery of Sound, Hastings, Homers, House of Guitars, In-Motion, Independent, The Inner Ear, J & R, Looney Tunes, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Newbury Comics, Plan 9, Rasputin, Record & Tape Traders, Rolling Stone, Salzer's, Scotti's, Silver Platters, Target, Twist & Shout, Vintage Vinyl, Virgin, Waterloo, ZIAS (as well as all stores in Canada)

Friday, June 01, 2007

BREAKING NEWS!!! I love it when Paul & Gene trade verses!

Yeah that's right. I love Paul songs and I love (most) Gene songs. But I find it joyously awesome whenever Paul & Gene sing in the same song. Very few bands can get away with doing this. Try picturing Metallica or Motley Crue or U2, or the Strokes. It would be downright disgraceful? Why then does it rule so much when, in the song "I" it goes from Paul's "I didn't know that I could do anything I needed to" right into Gene's "Then a bolt of lightning struck me on my head"? I'm not quite sure. Perhaps we'll never know. Such is one of the many mysteries of KISS, or as I like to call them "KISSteries" (not to be confused with "KISSTORY".)