Thursday, August 31, 2006

Reason to Live

Great video. We see Gene here at his most awkward. He's trying not to depend on his former Bat Lizard persona, but he's just not sure what to do with himself. So he settles on molesting his bass. And something about Bruce Kulick always makes me laugh. Don't get me wrong, love the guy, it's just that he's the penulitimate hired gun. In this video, he looks so humiliated having to play the keyboards. Can't say I blame him. But then he's really "feeling it!!!" when he plays the solo.

When I'm singing this song and no one's around, I'll admit that I use my patented fat gospel voice. The words come out something like this:

"Evvybody gotta reasin to leeh, BAY-BAY!
Evvybody gotta dreen, anna hungo in-sye-eye!
Evvybody gotta reasin to leeh -

Which begs the question: Why Paul? Why can't love be your reason to live? This very question has kept me up in the wee hours of the morn...

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