Sunday, June 04, 2006

If it's too loud, you're too old!

This is a picture of my brother in the mid 80's sporting a classy Lick it Up t-shirt. He would still be wearing it today if we didn't have an intervention in 1993.

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JPX said...

Ah yes, my old KISS tee shirt, how I loved you. I bought this shirt at a KISS Animalize show, my first KISS concert (circa 1985). The picture on the front is clearly from the Lick it Up tour suggesting that the band had a boatload of leftover tees from their poorly received "look no make-up" tour. Personally, I think the biggest revelation about the makeup removal was just how hideously ugly they all were. Although Vinnie is pictured on the shirt, Mark “Ouch-my hand hurts so don’t get too used to me” St. John performed on this tour.

None of that matters, however. What matters is the very important statement on the back of the shirt, "If it's too loud, you're too old"! God I was proud of that proclamation, so proud in fact that I wore that shirt EVERY day during track practice without washing it. I would take every opportunity to run by people in order to ensure that everyone viewed my carefree philosophy. I took the most pleasure out of running past old people. I would think to myself, “Hee hee, they’re reading my shirt and it’s about them because they ARE too old!” Of course keep in mind that as cool as I thought I was, it was most decidedly uncool to like KISS in 1985 – that ship had long since sailed. Also uncool was my hair. If I ever need to understand why I was unpopular and spending my weekends alone in high school, all I need to do is pull up this photo. Rock on.