Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just what is it with Peter and that damn towel?

Every KISS show is as choreographed as a ballet, especially when klassic KISS is performing. As sure as the sun will rise in the morning, there are certain aspects of a KISS show that we’ve come to expect. In fact, you could go to any KISS show with a checklist of performances you are GUARANTEED to see. Gene breathing fire, check. Paul telling that tired intro to Lick it Up, check, Ace firing a rocket from his guitar, check. Gene spitting blood, check. Ace’s guitar “floating” away, check, Gene “flying”, check The one thing that has always amused me is Peter’s performance of Beth.

No, this isn’t about finally getting to see Peter after he’s been buried behind the drum kit all night long. It’s not about the requisite rose that’ll he’ll eventually toss into the audience. It’s not even about getting to hear Peter sing. For me, what’s always been so surreal about Peter singing Beth is that damn white towel that he wears around his neck while professing his love to some long ago girlfriend that probably hates him today. Okay, you might say, “Well he does that because he’s sweaty from playing the drums all night long!” Uh uh, I’m not buying it so you should stop trying to peddle it. Like any KISS show, you know a lot of thought went into Peter’s towel. Come on! It’s this striking white towel wrapped around his neck as if he’s just gotten out of the shower. Why, Peter, why? What was the artistic thinking that went into that? Did Peter suggest during one of their roundtable discussions, “Guys, I have an idea, when I sing Beth what if I wear a white towel around my neck? It’ll be great! It’ll be come my signature move!” When I watch Peter perform Beth, all I can think about is his white towel. It haunts me.

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JohnnySweatpants said...

I know, is it because he's sweaty? Why couldn't he just give himself a quick wipedown and then sing the song. And then he throws the towel out to the crowd. Eeyew.