Monday, June 05, 2006

What Gene REALLY Means

This is an interview with gene from Kissonline. After years of trying to decipher the truth out of Gene and Paul's contradictory interviews, I've become very good at interpreting his lies.

QUESTION: Hi Gene!! You guys ruled Rock Honors. The show was awesome! Question for you...Though you've made it quite clear your not concerned with being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, are you excited about being one of the first inductees in VH1 ROCK HONORS? --- Donald Evans, Fargo, ND

ANSWER (Gene): Rock Honors and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are OK...but honestly, they just don't mean as much as playing live and seeing the faces of the KISS Army. Everything begins and ends there. Awards are fine, but they're awarded by "The People Who Decide" those things. I like democracies. I like the fans voting. Either way, not an issue.

WHM: I would kill my family to be inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame.

QUESTION: The ROCK HONORS report! s and photos on KISSONLINE were great! Looked like everyone was having a ball. How was it backstage with the other bands and also seeing ACE? --- Jill Hunt, Austin, TX

ANSWER (Gene): Backstage at Rock Honors was a fascinating time to see big stars, comfortable in their own skin and actually acting civil and cordial to each other. A very professional affair. Egos could have taken over but they did not. There was a lot of patting on the backs and people complimenting each other. Ace was in great spirits and we shared some time together and wished each other well.

WHM: It was a party and I dressed up and mingled with people I hate. I was mortified that they would let Ace in but I did my best to pretend to get along.

QUESTION: In Paul's recently KOL interview he mentions he is willing to record a new KISS album if it could be done to his expectations. Do you think we will see a new KISS album in the future? --- Marcus Jergens, Dortmund, Germany

ANSWER (Gene): Everyone always asks about a new KISS album, and Paul is right...when we do one, i! f we do one, it has to have a reason to exist. We all have to be in the same frame of mind and we all have to figure out how to do a quality album. Quite honestly, I don't feel we have anything to prove to anyone and the only time to do a new album is when we feel it. Until then, all the emails in the world will not change that.

WHM: If there’s money to be had, we’ll make another album. But it’s not worth spending the money recording a new album when only the core KISS fans buy it in the first week. And Ace and Peter aren’t gonna fall for it again.

QUESTION: Gene, I love KISS but I have yet to go to a show with Tommy and Eric. My mind may be changed after watching Rock Honors, the band really was so tight and energetic. How do you say feel about fans like me who, until now, have refused to see KISS if it's not the original lineup? --- Tom Crowley, Lexington, KY

ANSWER (Gene): To fans who don't want to see this lineup - no problem. We're having a great time and are proud of the professionalism within the band. Everyone shows up on time. There are no excuses. No chemicals in anyone's system and after decades of personal torture, it's a pleasure to share the stage with this lineup.

WHM: I don’t care about anybody but myself.

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JPX said...

Yeah that's great! We should always post Gene/Paul interpretations. We could have "Paulisms". what make your interpretations so funny is that I'm sure they're totally, 100% accurate.