Thursday, June 15, 2006

Must have DVD

Universal in Japan will release a KISS DVD, entitled "Lick It Up", on August 23, 2006. The DVD will contain the following videos:

01. I Love It Loud
02. Rise to It
03. All Hell's Breaking Loose
04. Heaven's On Fire
05. Thrills in The Night
06. Tears are Falling
07. Who Wants to Be Lonely
08. Uh! All Night
09. Reason To Live
10. Turn On The Night
11. Crazy Crazy Nights
12. Let's Put The X in Sex
13. Rock Hard
14. Forever
15. Unholy
16. Domino
17. Every Time I Look At You
18. God Gave Rock & Roll to You

1 comment:

Chopper said...

What about "Hide your heart" and "I just Wanna"? ..Haha..