Monday, September 18, 2006

Lyrical Analysis: You Matter to Me by Peter Criss

"I ain't no good at talking,
So girl I'll tell it to you straight.
My heart is just like an oven.
I hope I'm not too late!

Because you matter to me and that's why (and that's why)
You still matter to me
And that's the only reason I need to get by (to get by).
You still matter to me."

Ok, the more I stare at the words that comprise this catchy little ditty, the more I become hopelessly confused. The fact that she matters to Peter is the only reason he needs to get by. ...huh? Wha-wassat? Let's try this again. You matter to me and that's why you matter to me? It just doesn't make sense any way you slice it. The Catman is just singing away, without a care in the world about the words that come out of his mouth. And what's the deal with that oven reference? I think the real key to understanding lies in that very first line.


JPX said...

That's one of the funniest things you've ever written on the blogs.

JohnnySweatpants said...

Thanks, I'm pretty proud of this post myself. Unfortunately, that song has been stuck on repeat in my head for the past 12 hours.