Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Paul Stanley live New Haven 12.03.89

Paul's solo tour in 1989. Starts off in the middle of Love Gun, then tears into Goodbye from his '78 solo album. KISStorically pretty important. It ends with a Led Zeppelin cover of Communication Breakdown.


JPX said...

Man, why on Earth would he play a KISS song?? It only reminds everyone that they're not watching a KISS show, but rather a paler, lamer, version of KISS. Add to that the fact that there are no pyrotechnics being used and you're in for a disappointing time.

Summerisle said...

Most KISS fans would be outraged if Paul didn't play any KISS songs on his solo tour. First of all, his set would run out of steam after 5-6 songs. But what's most important is seeing Paul in an intimate setting and not having to rely on the jumbotron to feel like you're really there.