Thursday, September 14, 2006

This KISSOLOGY set sounds like a must-have!

For the KISS Army, the release this Halloween of "KISSology: Volume One 1974-1977" marks the arrival of nothing less than a Holy Grail: 6 solid hours of vintage KISS going all the way back to the deep early roots of the band's classic line-up -- GENE SIMMONS, PAUL STANLEY, ACE FREHLEY and PETER CRISS -- captured and re-mastered on 2 state-of-the-art DVDs featuring more than 70 live performances and four full concerts bundled along with unreleased tracks and never-before-seen footage.

"KISSology: Volume One 1974-1977" goes all the way back one of the band's earliest live performances in the New York pre-punk glam rock bar scene of the early 1970s before tracing the rocket-paced transformation of KISS into international rock gods who filled the world's largest arenas as the undisputed hottest band in the land by 1977.

Disc One of "KISSology: Volume One 1974-1976" takes a look back at an early bar-band KISS (freshly risen from the shards of Wicked Lester) already thinking much bigger than any of their contemporaries. 1974 is covered with a live concert in Long Beach as well as KISS's televised appearances on ABC's "In Concert" and an interview/performance on "The Mike Douglas Show." By 1975, KISS was playing San Francisco's fabled Winterland, headlining NBC's "Midnight Special" and making videos for "C'mon & Love Me" and their signature "Rock and Roll All Night," all included on "KISSology." In 1976, KISS came to Detroit for an incendiary concert at the Motor City's Cobo Hall, captured on Disc One of "KISSology."

Disc Two of "KISSology" picks up the threads of 1976 with the band's interview and performance of "Black Diamond" on "So It Goes," a must-see and much-discussed interview and performance of "King of the Nighttime World" on "The Paul Lynde Halloween Special," and personal band footage from May 1976. The 1977 material on Disc Two captures the band at the pinnacle of its international fame, performing to tens of thousands of fans at the legendary Budokan Hall in Tokyo in April '77 and, a little more than a month later, headlining "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert." Disc Two closes with scorching concert footage from The Summit in Houston, Texas on September 2, 1977, showing KISS laying down the creed that still beats at the heart of the band: Rock & Roll All Night and Party Every Day!!!

"KISSology Volume One 1974-1977" provides ample evidence of why KISS has lasted so long and continues to mean so much to so many millions of people. KISS is 100% dedicated to the heart and soul and power of ROCK and when the house lights go down, KISS is still the hottest band in any land.

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JohnnySweatpants said...

Sure, why not? I haven't thrown money at KISS in at least 2-3 months. They're due.